Meet your new best friend.

Send money as easily as sending a WhatsApp.

Shannon C spotted Kaitlyn C

Thanks so so so much for doing all that shopping 🙌🏼

Timothy S spotted a friend

Jon L spotted a friend

App makes sendijg money super easy

Paolo D spotted a friend

Scott S spotted a friend


Scott S spotted Luke G

Matthew Mole

Faure H spotted Luke G

Breakfast 🍳🍳

Luke G spotted Scott S


Nicholas B spotted a friend


Zack Z spotted Keagan B

Hangover Kauai

Shanee A spotted Natalie E

Doggie Food- Thanks!

Spot S spotted Sol M

Road trip munchies

Gideon G spotted Rhett F

Have breakfast!!! 😜 Playing with the app

Gideon G spotted Rhett F

Thx for the wiskey

Gideon G spotted Rhett F

1 t

Brendan V spotted Natalie E

Leaps donation

Faure H spotted Morne P


Faure H spotted Brad V


Miles B spotted Shannon C


Def L spotted a friend

Send money. Get money. It’s that simple.

Spot lets you send cash between friends, directly from one bank account to another using your linked card. It’s simple, safe and social.

Spot your friends for…

… that meal you shared, the drinks tab they picked up, that bet you lost, or your share of the house supplies.

Spend time with mates by saving time with Spot.

Take the fuss out of cash transfers and do the things you’d rather be doing.

Refer & Earn 🎉

Every time someone registers using your code we will Spot them R20 and you will receive R20 after they link their card. Visit the “Refer & Earn” tab within the app to get your personal code.

We deposit the money you earn straight into your bank account 💰